High Performance Exhaust Manifold Assembly Cummins N14

PAI HP manifold includes additional manufacturing procedures and a high performance coating which further improves the efficiency of the manifold and the engine. The three individual sections are treated through PAI’s Isotropic Super Finishing (ISF) process which greatly polishes the inside and outside of each section. A polished interior reduces pressure loss in the manifold and allows for smoother gas flow into the turbo.

1   3078323   Center Section

1   3078322   Front Section

1   3078324   Rear Section

1 3069177 Turbo Mounting Gasket
3 3865235 Exhaust Manifold Gasket
1 216487 Air Crossover Gasket
1 202994 Turbo Inlet Connection Hose
4 3818824 Turbo Nut
4 2459750 Turbo Mounting Stud
12 3067930 Screw and Spacer Assy.