About Inland Gear

Inland Gear has a complete transmission and differential facility. We maintain a large inventory of rebuilt units that we can exchange, which allows you to eliminate as much “down time” as possible, by having your equipment back working sooner.

Our rebuilt transmissions are totally disassembled, cleaned and inspected. The bearing bores are inspected and repaired as needed. Our rebuilt transmissions have all new bearings installed and any gears, main shafts or counter-shafts that need replacing are done at this time. We also furnish reconditioned transmissions. These units are all disassembled and checked. We replace only those bearings that are worn. These are quality transmissions but do not carry the full warranty of our rebuilt units.

Reconditioned differentials are also totally disassembled and thoroughly checked. This allows us to replace any worn gears or bearings and reset the gear set pattern. This assures that the unit will provide good service.

We also have a large selection of used transmissions and differentials that are inspected to insure that bearings and gears are in good working condition.

Inland Gear has been serving the Inland Northwest for over 15 years, assuring quality and good customer service.