Diesel Engines

Younker Bros., Inc. is the most diversified diesel engine repair shop in the Inland Empire. We have the capabilities to rebuild any model of diesel engine you may own including Cummins, Detroit, Cat, International, Mack and the many different industrial engines.  Our rebuiltengines include reconditioned heads.  Turbocharger, fuel pumps, injectors, water pumps, oilcoolers, aftercoolers and lube pumps are checked out and repaired as needed.  We use quality parts that carry the manufacturers warranty which is included as part of our engine warranty.

We can supply good quality running used engines.  Before you receive our used engines, theyare thoroughly checked.  We inspect the crankshaft, main and rod bearings, and inspect as much of the remainder of the engine.  The bearings are replaced if they show any major wear.  The engine is then run on our dyno or engine stand to determine if the rings and fuel system are in good condition.


Younker Bros., Inc. has a complete transmission rebuilding facility.  We maintain a large inventory of rebuilt Fuller transmissions that we can exchange, which allows you to eliminate as much “down time” as possible, by having your equipment back working sooner.

Our rebuilt transmissions are totally disassembled, cleaned and inspected.  The bearing bores are inspected and repaired as needed.  Our rebuilt transmissions have all new bearings installed and any gears, main shafts or countershafts that need replacing are done at this time.

We also furnish reconditioned transmissions.  These units are all disassembled and checked. We replace only those bearings that are worn.  These are quality transmissions but do not carry the full warranty of our rebuilt units.

We have a large selection of used transmissions that are inspected to insure that the bearings and gears are in good working condition.


Younker Bros., Inc. has a large selection of rebuilt differentials available for exchange. Exchanging your unit for our rebuilt unit allows your equipment back to work sooner.  If you have the time, we will rebuild your units and in many instances can save you money.  Our exchange rebuilt differentials have new bearings and new gears as required.  These units carry our full

We also furnish reconditioned differentials that are totally disassembled and thoroughly checked.  This allows us to replace any worn gears or bearings and reset the gear set pattern. This assures that the unit will provide good service.

We also have a large selection of used differentials to choose from.  These units are inspected but not disassembled, to insure that you will get some good service.