Returns Policy

Our Refund Policy

In-Stock Products

You may return any item(s) bought from within 30 days of the purchase date. The item(s) of return must be shipped back prepaid. Any item(s) returned will need to be in the original packaging in undamaged and unused condition to receive full credit. If an item(s) is returned and is damaged due to a non-proper installation, it will be rejected for full return credit. The item(s) can be shipped back to the customer at their expense. We do not refund shipping costs in this instance. Any item(s) ordered in error by the customer and returned will be charged a 20% restocking fee. However, any item(s) returned due to an error on our part, will receive a full credit refund. This full credit refund will include a full exchange for the correct item(s) and a refund of shipping costs. All returns must be authorized and accompany an RMA Number. Any refused shipment is considered an unauthorized return and is subject to a 20% restocking fee and shipping charges. Any shipment that is sent back without an RMA or is sent back collect will be refused.

Supplier Direct – Special Orders

In the case the product is considered to be a “Special Order” non-stocked item, up to a 35% restocking fee may be charged. A special order item is considered a non-stocked part. There are no returns on custom-built long block engines.

Customer Responsibility

Upon arrival of the ordered parts, the customer is responsible for inspecting them to insure they are the same as the parts being replaced. is not responsible for damage resulting in an incorrect part installation. Parts will become non-returnable if installed. Younker Bros. must be notified within 1 week (7 days) of any order discrepancies. Payments such as cashiers check, money order, bank transfer or western union are all accepted methods of payment.

What Is Required For A Return?

1. Return Parts On Time

Parts must be returned within 30 days. Make sure when the parts arrive that they are all correct. Even if it is a project repair and you may not be getting to it for a few months, it is important to check them. We cannot return parts to our suppliers after 30 days. You will also need a RMA Number (Returned Material Authorization). Be sure to contact us before you return any product. Please note that non stocking or special order items can take up to 60 days to issue the credit.

2. Keep It Clean

The box is free of any dirt, greasy hand/finger prints and is not damaged in anyway. If the box is damaged in this way your credit for return may be subject to a “repackaging charge.”

3. Don’t Remove Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrapping must not be broken. If the seal is broken there is no return on bearings or gaskets.

4. Bearings Must Stay Protected

If the bearings use a cardboard separator flap you must make sure it is separating the bearing halves. This protects the bearing surfaces in transit. Rod Bearings are packaged so they do not bang against each other in transit. They typically have a cardboard separator flap between each shell. Main Bearings are typically shrink wrapped and may also contain some sort of added cardboard support. In order to receive credit for rod or main bearings they must be in “resalable condition.”

5. Part Must Not Be Installed

Installed parts are not returnable. To ensure the part is correct, match the new part with the old parts prior to installation.

Steps To Take When Receiving Any Part From Younkerbros.Com

1. Wash Your Hands

We understand when you’re working out in the garage or out in the field it’s easy to get dirty. However, to avoid repackaging charges, it is best to make sure your hands are clean BEFORE even opening the boxes.

2. Match It Up. Make Sure It’s Right

Please contact your machine shop about correct sizes for pistons and bearings before ordering parts. Do not guess or assume sizes before visiting your machine shop. Don’t try to install the part to see if it’s right. Once parts are installed they are not returnable. Putting the parts side by side is the best way to determine they are correct. Take measurements with a caliper or micrometer if needed. Sometimes the aftermarket has made an improvement to the old design and there may be slight variations. Also understand that miss-boxes can occur. Because of this, it is up to the installer to measure and match up every component to ensure it is correct. If there is any question as to whether or not a part is correct you can call us at 1-800-362-2387. is not responsible for any damages caused by an incorrect part being installed. The ultimate responsibility is on the end user or installer.

2.1 Matching Up Bearings

How do you match up bearings? On the back side of the replacement bearings there is information you can use to make sure you have the correct size. The size is stamped on the back of each shell (STD, .010, .020, etc), as well as a part number. It is important to check to make sure that they are the correct size before installing them into the block or connecting rod. It is never safe to assume your crankshaft is standard without measuring it.

2.2 Matching Up Gaskets

Most gasket sets have a label on the outside of the box with the application listing. This is the first place you should check to ensure the gaskets are correct. Head gaskets generally come shrink wrapped to a piece of reinforced cardboard. Prior to opening the shrink wrap you should take your old head gasket and lay it over the new one to make sure it is correct. Other gasket sets that are boxed come shrink wrapped in a cardboard tray. Before opening the shrink wrap on the cardboard tray you should make sure the gaskets are correct. Once the plastic wrap seal is broken, the gasket set is not returnable.