\left(\!\dfrac{ 180(5-2)}{5} \!\right)^\circ\!\!=\!\!108^\circ\]. At Cuemath, our team of math experts is dedicated to making learning fun for our favorite readers, the students! Hence, the alternate interior angle theorem is proved. In the given figure, 125o and 60o are the same side interior angles if they are supplementary. Solved Examples for You. You can choose a polygon and drag its vertices. Answer: When a transversal cuts (or intersects) parallel lines several pairs of congruent and supplementary angles are formed. Alternate Interior Angles The math journey around  Same Side Interior Angles starts with what a student already knows, and goes on to creatively crafting a fresh concept in the young minds. Our Math Experts are curating the same side interior angles worksheets for your child to practice the concept even when offline. Ujjwal was going in a car with his dad for a basketball practice session. You can download the FREE grade-wise sample papers from below: To know more about the Maths Olympiad you can click here. Each interior angle of a regular polygon of n sides is \(\mathbf{\left(\dfrac{180(n-2)}{n} \right)^\circ}\), Constructing Perpendicular from Point to Line, Sum of Interior Angles Formula (with illustration), Finding the Interior Angles of Regular Polygons, Alternate Interior Angle Theorem (with illustration), Co-Interior Angle Theorem (with illustration), Download FREE Worksheets of Interior Angles, \(\therefore\) \(\angle O P Q=125^\circ\), The sum of the interior angles of a polygon of \(n\) sides is \(\mathbf{180(n-2)^\circ}\), Each interior angle of a regular polygon of \(n\) sides is \(\mathbf{\left(\dfrac{180(n-2)}{n} \right)^\circ}\), Each pair of alternate interior angles is equal, Each pair of co-interior angles is supplementary, In the following figure, \(\mathrm{AB}\|\mathrm{CD}\| \mathrm{EF}\). 19. In the following figure, \(M N \| O P\) and \(O N \| P Q\). Identify all pairs of each type of angle. i.e., \[ \begin{align}55^\circ+x&=180^\circ\\[0.3cm] x &=125^\circ \end{align}\].
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