The best choice for having an authentic “beer experience” are the traditional beer halls (indoors) and beer gardens (outdoors). Located in the park that bears the same name. Jun 24, 2018 - Drink your way through the Munich ’s history where you can enjoy Bavarian hospitality at its best (with a map). Here is a compilation of the very best places to drink beer in Munich, so you can skip the tourist traps and discover the hidden gems this city has to offer. Munich has some of the best beer halls in Bavaria, if not all Germany, and here are some of the very best. Munich’s iconic beer halls are arguably the best places to sit back and enjoy a few drinks. The Augustiner Edelstoff is … Sounds too heavy? However, these beers are sure to please with their mild flavor poured fresh from the barrel. Not only does it serve fresh Löwenbräubeer, but it was it the first beer hall in the city with tablecloth and napkins. Steeped in roughly five centuries of history, Beer Garden in Munich |© Shivya Nath/Flickr, Guests enjoy one-litre beers and German food, Stylish, Traditional, Family Friendly, Loud, Outdoors, Locals and visitors enjoy the Hirschgarten beer garden, © Sarah L. Donovan/ Flickr Here is our list with 7 recommendations for the best options: 1. The beer gardens are miniature pastoral escapes within the city. Is the weather too nice to sit inside a beer hall? And the best thing: it’s just a 10-minute walk from our wombats CITY HOSTEL Munich at … Hofbräuhaus – the famous restaurant in Munich. It’s not Munich’s best beer-hall but it has simply got to be done. located at the river Isar in the south of Bavaria, is famous for its beautiful architecture, fine culture, and the annual Oktoberfest beer celebration. Best Beer Hall in Munich See All Beer Hall (32) Most Reviewed; Popular Foods; All Beer Hall; Most Reviewed - Munich See More Businesses. Best Beer Halls in Munich. Highlights on the menu are the Murnau Werdenfelser beef, a rare breed of local cattle; Pressack, a sausage made from pork, studded with glistening shards of fat and seasoned with marjoram; and homemade Obatzda, a Bavarian cheese spread served with onions and chive bread. In fact, it’s almost impossible to separate the two. Where to Celebrate Oktoberfest in Washington, D.C. Amazing Places You Must See in Bavaria, Germany, The 5 Best Foods to Try in Nuremberg, Germany, 15 Best Restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona. The mighty Hofbräuhaus (or as it's usually spelt in English, Hofbrauhaus) is like a mini-Oktoberfest all year round. Today, the beer is brewed in traditional shiny copper tanks and even flavors some of the seasonal dishes on the menu like the goulash in beer sauce. Known for its regular Bavarian music and traditional dances and events, it’s a popular watering hole and restaurant in Munich. The beer hall is not just somewhere to drink beer and get drunk, it is far more important to German society than that. For instance, Meine blonde Weisse is “refreshing like a dance in a summer breeze”. Richard Huber / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0. Voted Munich’s most beautiful beer garden for several years, Paulaner am Nockherberg is a little oasis in the centre of the city. Home to another locally brewed beer, Löwenbräu, the Löwenbräukeller is a beloved beer hall, restaurant and beer garden. The menu offers good old-fashioned German food, salads, as well as vegetarian options. Check out this list of the best beer gardens in Munich where you can enjoy your handcrafted Bavarian beer the way it was meant to be drunk - outside, in the shade of a … It all started when Wilhelm V, Duke of Bavaria, decided to build his own brewery in 1589. Hofbräuhaus – the famous restaurant in Munich. And the best beer halls in Munich are probably 90% of beer houses. The beer is tapped from wooden barrels; the time to tap a new barrel is signalled by the ringing of a bell. For the 1867 Oktoberfest, the Löwenbräukeller set up the festival's first beer tent, the Schottenhamel. October 2020. | © donchili / Flickr, Traditional, Quirky, Family Friendly, Outdoors, Gourmet, Family Friendly, Modern, Unusual, Traditional, Family Friendly, Outdoors, Casual, Chinese Tower ad beer garden in the English Garden, © Jan Beckendorf/ Flickr Set to open mid-August, Munich Brauhaus, will boost the beer brownie points down in South Wharf when the 900-seater German-style beer hall opens on the promenade. Everything You Need to Know About Oktoberfest, The Top 10 Restaurants in Nuremberg, Germany. If Munich is the capital of the beer-drinking faith, this is where pilgrims come to pray. 1. Munich, overtaken by a revolution emotions . Munich is synonymous with great beer. We sat in a corner and almost immediately met a large party of native Bavarians who agreed it is the best beer hall in Munich and a good choice for travelers looking for an experience other than the Hofbräuhaus. You can find beer gardens all over Germany, but the most traditional beer gardens are still in Bavaria where they first started in the early 19th century.. Munich is proud to have hundreds of beer gardens. On the weekend, it gets loud and jolly. In Maxvorstadt, popular and historic Augustinerkeller is the second largest beer garden and hall in Munich. Travel. Of course, the most popular and world famous is the Hofbräuhaus beer hall in Munich (I wrote about it in more detail in the article ). February 2020. And the best beer halls in Munich are probably 90% of beer houses. Beer Halls & Beer Gardens in Munich Hirschgarten. A popular beer hall in Munich is Hofbräuhaus, which was founded in 1589 as the Royal Brewery of the Kingdom of Bavaria. The waitresses can be a bit scary (old) but give them a smile and their gentler side is revealed! These special customers get permanent personalized beer steins locked in their own case. Housed in a basement-style bar, it’s a modern take on the traditional beer halls and breweries of Munich and offers something a little different. Housing some of the country’s best beers and breweries, the city is also understandably home to some of the best beer halls and gardens. Munich’s Augustinerkeller has been serving its mild Edelstoff beer freshly tapped from the wooden barrel since 1812. ... 6 Hirschgarten, Munich. Hirschgarten is the largest beer garden in Munich. I always take friends or relatives here when they pay me a visit. Check out this list to find out more about the best of Munich’s 200beer gardens. Article by TripSavvy. Look for the “healthy kitchen” section on the menu. Besides its many different kinds of beers, Der Pschorr is famous for its fantastic quality of food. Visitors can treat themselves to a hearty German feast and beer in a famous beer hall or soak up the sunshine with a Maß, or litre-mug of beer, in one of the city’s picturesque beer gardens. If you’re craving craft beer when in Munich, Tap House is the place to head. Hofbrauhaus. Every beer is poetically described on the menu. Get cosy in a famous beer hall or soak up the sunshine in a picturesque biergarten – whatever the weather, the best way to feel like a local in Munich is to kick back with a foaming mug of beer. Kids under 8 eat for free. And ​Unser Aventinus is perfor “relaxing moments by the fire”? Berlin has some famous beer halls that are dotted around the whole city and we focus on some of the very best. Many of these indoor venues brew their own beer and serve local bites such as bratwursts and pretzels. Today, the restaurant is many things at once: You can dine in the cozy and lively Bierstuebel with its old paintings and chandeliers; the beer cellar with its vaulted ceilings, brick walls and wooden benches; the chestnut-shaded beer garden; or in the main beer hall, the bustling heart of the Augustinerkeller and a fun place for people watching. Get cosy in a famous beer hall or soak up the sunshine in a picturesque biergarten – whatever the weather, the best way to feel like a local in Munich is to kick back with a foaming mug of beer. Here is a selection of some of the best beer halls in Munich, where you can enjoy Bavarian hospitality at its best. You’ll see many reserved tables for regulars, called Stammtisch. Located in Charlottenburg, this fairly small beer hall is more like a cozy English pub. Of course, the most popular and world famous is the Hofbräuhaus beer hall in Munich (I wrote about it in more detail in the article ). When the Löwenbräukeller opened in 1883 it was a sensation. The beer halls are iconic. The ground level is the main beer hall set with large community tables and a live, … Boasting over 200 varieties of craft brews, including local names like Camba Bavaria, their philosophy is great, unique beer. Christkindlesmarket becomes one of the best beer halls in Munich’s winter. Best Beer Halls. Like all German Christmas markets, the ones in Munich are big and jolly with so much going on. I would strongly recommend the Weissbier from Tap 7 and the pork knuckle - but don't plan to eat again for the rest of the day / evening! The Paulaner Bräuhaus has a beer brewing tradition that goes back to 1889 when the brothers Eugen and Ludwig Thomas brewed their first full-bodied lager beer here. Established in 1589 as the Royal Brewery of the Kingdom of Bavaria, it is an essential part of Munich's history, culture and cuisine and a popular hang out for tourists and locals alike. Many locals drink beer in Munich on a daily basis, even in the mornings! If you dare, try the traditional Munich dishes: sweet-sour lung of veal, pork liver with roasted onions, or pork kidneys with fried potatoes. It became one of Oktoberfest's most famous beer tents and the place where Munich's mayor kicks off the festival every year. The restaurant still features wooden floors, high vaulted ceilings, chandeliers, and oil paintings similar to its early days. Easiest Oktoberfest tents to get into for seats reservations. In the aftermath of the Great War, Munich, by being a heart of Bavaria, was overtaken by disorders and riots and the left-wing parties declared the ‘Bavarian Republic’.On the prime of the year 1919, a temperate democratic government was overthrown by communist, … Beer continues to be enjoyed throughout the year in the treasured Munich neighbourhood beer halls. The large building also includes roof terraces, ideal for overlooking the nearby, lively beer garden, which is popular during the warmer months. review; user reviews (3) Party Earth Review What separates Augustinerkeller from all the other beer halls in Munich – at least in the minds of the locals – is its reputation for having the best brew in town served straight from the taps in the oaken barrels. 10 Best Munich Beer Halls, Beer Gardens, And Breweries… Lager doesn't get much better than it does in Munich, so Jonny explores the town to find the best places to get something crisp, tasty and refreshing. Within the city limits, Munich has a population of more than 1.5 million, making it the third-most populous city in Germany. Here are the ten best spots to hit if you're in town and love the sudsy stuff. Birge is a German-born travel writer based in Berlin and Los Angeles who has written for Zagat and Northstar Travel Media. People from all around the globe visit the Hofbräuhaus, which prides itself in being the world's most famous beer hall. Weisses Bräuhaus has been carefully renovated, and the no-frills, down-to-earth atmosphere is just like it might have been 100 years ago. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK". You can find beer gardens all over Germany, but the most traditional beer gardens are still in Bavaria where they first started in the early 19th century.. Munich is proud to have hundreds of beer gardens. From bustling beer gardens in the heart of the city to the world’s biggest beer garden for 8,000 people to idyllic open-air restaurants in the outskirts of the city. There are different markets which take place in many quarters throughout the city; stalls sell arts and crafts, as well as seasonal German food and beverages. Head to this popular beer garden to soak up the picturesque surroundings and enjoy the unique view. Dicke Wirtin. With plenty of great brews and authentic vibes on offer, we’ve uncovered the best beer halls and gardens in Munich. Germany .. Expect oompah bands, waitresses in traditional Dirndls, home-brewed beer in one-liter steins, and hearty Bavarian food such as veal sausage with sweet mustard and pork roast. More of a tavern than a restaurant, the atmosphere is definitely different from the other places in town. The TOP 10 best Oktoberfest beer tents in Munich with most fun and rankings top places to drink beer at Wiesn. We made friends, had … We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. | © Jan Beckendorf / Flickr, Outdoors, Stylish, Boutique, Family Friendly, Romantic, The lively beer garden at Viktualienmarkt, © Pixelteufel/ Flickr The menu celebrates classic Bavarian dishes such as roast pork in caraway gravy with bread dumpling and cabbage salad; and roasted pork knuckle with dumplings and sauerkraut. The Hofbräuhaus has been situated at the heart of Munich for ages. For the adventurous foodie, there is wheat beer sorbet. This is an outdoor beer hall that is located in a garden-like atmosphere. This restaurant has been around for some time as, back in 2000, Dauth-Schneider celebrated its 150th anniversary. iStockphoto. Visitors can tuck into freshly made, tasty Chinese food and refreshing beers in the sunshine, while enjoying the animated atmosphere at one of Europe’s most monumental parks.